CPU Yields

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CPU Yields

Unread postby ScrapperJim » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:45 am

Ok so here is a list that I have pulled together from t'internet

This list talks about CPU Yields

What I would like to discuss here is what the true amount of recoverable gold is in CPU's

The "Information" that I have ( this is wide open for debate..... )

VERY HIGH YIELD CPU’S – Have quarter of a gram or more per piece.
HIGH YIELD CPU’S – Have from 1/20th of a gram up to quarter of a gram
LOW YIELD CPU’S – Have under 1/20th of a gram

Very High Yield

Pentium Pro (the holy grail of yields) 1.0g – $46.30 per CPU

Intel Pentium Pro 133MHz 256k * 1.00 gram GOLD

AMD-K5 PR133 0.50 gram GOLD

AMD K5-PR133 ABR * 0.50 gram GOLD

AMD K5 – 0.50g – $23.15 per CPU

Original Intel Pentium 60Mhz CPGA – 90Mhz 0.48g – $22.22 per CPU

Intel Pentium 90MHz CPGA * 0.48 gram GOLD

NEC R10000 (server chip) – 0.27g – $12.50 per CPU

Toshiba (server chip) – 0.27g – $12.50 per CPU

i processor Weight: 3.93g/piece 0.27 gram GOLD

Cyrix 586 – 0.25g – $11.58 per CPU

IBM 686 PR200 - Weight:43.42g/piece – 0.25g – $11.58 per CPU

High Yield

Cyrix 6×86-P166+GP 133MHz * 0.22 gram GOLD

Cyrix 686 – 0.21g – $9.72 per CPU

Intel 486 + DX2 – 0.20g – $9.26 per CPU

Intel i435 DX4 Weight:22.27g/piece 0.19 gram GOLD

Intel 486 DX4 – 0.19g – $8.80 per CPU

Cyrix MII Weight: 41.81g/piece – 0.18g – $8.33 per CPU

WinChip C6-PSME200GA Weight: 28.92g/piece 0.17 gram GOLD

Winchip – 0.17g – $7.87 per CPU

Intel I960 – 0.16g – $7.40 per CPU

Cyrix Cx486DX-33GP * 0.14 gram GOLD

AMD 486 – 0.12g – $5.55 per CPU

IBM i486 TX 486DLC Weight17.75g/piece – 0.12g – $5.55 per CPU

Intel Pentium & MMX (ceramic) 0.12g – $5.55 per CPU

Intel Pentium MMX (ceramic) 0.12g – $5.55 per CPU

AMD (early green) – 0.11g – $5.09 per CPU

AMD Athlon-B 900MHz * 0.11 gram GOLD

Cyrix Cx486S25 FasCache * 0.11 gram GOLD

Cyrix 486 – 0.11g – $5.09 per CPU

AMD K6 – 0.11g – $5.09 per CPU

AMD-K6-2 Weight: 21.50/piece 0.11 gram GOLD

IBM Blue Lightning DX2 486-V580GA * 0.11 gram GOLD

IBM 586 – 0.1g – $4.63 per CPU

IBM 486 DX2-80 Weight: 23.27g/piece 0.1gram GOLD

IBM 486 SX Weight: 23.40g/piece 0.1gram GOLD

Texas Instruments TI486DX2-G66-GA * 0.10 gram GOLD

Texas Instruments 486 – 0.1g – $4.63 per CPU

Intel 486SX – 0.1g – $4.63 per CPU

AMD (brown) – 0.08g $3.70 per CPU

Low Yield

Intel Pentium 1 MMX black fibre

Celeron – black fibre

Celeron – green fibre

Celeron – slot one

Pentium 2 – slot one

Pentium 3 – slot one

Pentium 3 – all types

Pentium 4 – all types

Intel Core – all types

Intel Core 2 Duo – all types

Intel i3, i5, i7 – all types

Gold plated pins Gold quantity:4.5g/pound

Gold plated pinin army communication server Gold quantity:0.7g/pound


Intel Pentium MMX (black fibre) Weight: 19.20g/piece IRON CONTENT

Intel Celeron (green fibre) Weight: 8.92g/piece CONTAINS IRON
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Re: CPU Yields

Unread postby Buzz » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:46 am

I would say that the high yield figures are about right, there's a few that are on the hopeful side.

The very high yield figures are not right.
I know you see Pentium Pro's going for a high price but i think that's because of lists like these.
There is approx 0.5g of Gold in a Pro, some of them i only got 0.3g.
The K5's definately do not have 0.5g of Gold in them.

Remember too that these figures are based on TOTAL Gold content.
Many of the earlier cpu's had Gold plated lids, top and bottom.
Also, when you take the bottom lid off, you can see the Silicon chip.
Under this chip is a large portion of the available Gold.

There are some very inflated prices for ceramics cpu's at the moment.
I process most of mine but i can't get any due to the silly prices. :roll:
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Re: CPU Yields

Unread postby ScrapperJim » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:28 pm

I bought a Cyrix M11 Plus two Ceramic Intel Pentium Chips on Ebay for 1 penny each two weeks ago.

There are some people who are doing auctions.

I did pay 12 Euro for postage which I thought was high. ( from UK to Ireland )

But Ebay recommended that the postage be signed for otherwise the item probably wouldn't arrive.
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Re: CPU Yields

Unread postby ScrapperJim » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:33 pm

The Internet does the opposite of what it promised us all originally.

It is hard to find true figures and facts on many subjects online.

Perhaps that is why forums can sometimes offer enlightenment ....although this can also be a rarity.

But I agree with Buzz, people on eBay seem to think that they can start an Auction at their perceived recovery rate and go upwards from there.

Please do not tell Irish Auctioneers about Gold Recovery ...... :D

Establishing the facts is important as it allows people to trade with confidence.
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Re: CPU Yields

Unread postby ScrapperJim » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:59 pm

Here is a buy in price list from an American e waste buyer

Computer Scrap prices from a buyer in the US

Prices are set worldwide as in copper , Gold etc

These pirces can be reached without any risk to health through recovery/ extraction.

Buying Electronic precious metal scrap!
Adjusted pricing for current market conditions:

Current buy list pricing delivered to our dock (44060)
Mixed Motherboards $3.60/lb
Finger Cards $4.10/lb
Finger boards without gold fingers: $3.05/lb
Gold Fingers: $70.00/lb
Memory mixed $14.30/lb (no enclosed/encased memory with metal please)
(If you cut the gold finger off, we won’t buy the boards.)
Rambus (with metal) $7.00lb
Hard Drive Boards $10.25/lb (minimum 1/2 lb)
Gold Connectors $1.70/lb
Cell Phones without battery $6.25/lb
Telecom (Paid on Sort): Range $3.00 to $6.00+/lb
Dual Socket Server: $3.95
Cellphone Boards: $10.25/lb

Intel 386/486: $130.00/lb
Motorola: $95.00/lb
Pentium Pro Gold Caps: $100/lb
Cyrix/IBM/Via Gold Cap: $56.00/lb
Pentium Ceramic: $40.00/lb
AMD Ceramic: $34.00/lb
Black fiber: $34.00/lb
Green/Brown Fiber w/o Metal: $18.00/lb
P4/Celeron/Green Fiber Metal Caps: $8.65/lb
No Pin CPU: $7.25/lb
Slot Processors (clean and removed from enclosure) $10.50/lb

Hard Drives with Board: $1.10/lb
Hard Drives without Board $.42/lb
Power Supply w/ Wire: $.41/lb
Power Supply w/o Wire: $.36/lb
CD/DVD: $.22/lb

Scrap Laptops Complete: $1.10/lb
Scrap Laptops Incomplete: $.85/lb (motherboard must be present)

Just like anything prices are subject to change. If you have weight less than the minimums above, we may take the whole load but will decrease pricing. For large loads for a few hundred lbs, send me a pm for information regarding shipping assistance.
So please confirm pricing with me prior to making any commitments!
Anything else, send me a PM!

Try www.xe.com to get either a Sterling or Euro price conversion
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